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Look Behind the Most Unforgettable Presentations 
Ever Delivered
  • Where did the idea come from?
  • How did they prepare it?
  • How did they execute it?
Join your hosts, World Champion Speakers Mark Brown, CSP & Darren LaCroix, CSP, AS
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What Will You Hear?
Get behind the scenes insights on some of the most unforgettable presentations, ever.

√ Where did the idea come from?
√ What's the story behind it?
√ How did they prepare it?
√ How did they execute it?

Join Mark Brown & Darren LaCroix.
Every episode will contain rock-solid content, and some will include interviews with individuals who delivered unforgettable presentations.
Episode 1 - The Top 10 Presentation Mistakes
Episode 2 - Mike Rayburn's Hologram Keynote
Take a peek at the presentation we unpack!
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