Be the Unforgettable Presenter
√ Tell Better Stories
√ Get More Laughs
√ Be Know as the Best Speaker in Your Niche'
Virtual world-class training to make you stand out.
Great presenters aren't born; They're trained.
 Stand Out
 Deliver a Memorable Message
 Leave 'Em Wanting More
• Are you losing your audience in the first 60 seconds?

• Is the audience only applauding at the end because they have to?

• Do they forget your message before the next presenter takes the stage?
Join us and master your next presentation with expert guidance 
from some of the best coaches in the world.
We've helped over 1,200 Stage Time members 
from 46 countries have presentation breakthroughs.
World-Class Content
GET PROVEN TECHNIQUES: Online programs with world-class techniques & insights from decades of experience.
World Champion Coaches
GET WORLD-CLASS FEEDBACK: Weekly LIVE video coaching calls of members from World Champion coaches.
Worldwide Community
ENCOURAGING SUPPORT: Engaging member-to-member presentation feedback, forums and private facebook group.
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If Your Message 
We Help You Tell 
Your Story
So Your Audience 
Will Love You 
& Your Message
Who should join Stage Time University?
Corporate presenters who want to be the best in their niche
Entrepreneurs who want to increase their influence
Speakers who want to be UNFORGETTABLE
Authors who want to bring the message of their book to life
Go at Your Own Pace...
1. Choose which skills you want to dramatically improve.
2. Experience the weekly 
eye-opening Zoom "Coaching Calls."
3.  Present like a pro and put your new skills into action.
We Help You Master the Critical Presentation "Core Four"
Core 1) Creating Your Presentation Step-by-Step

Core 2) Tell Unforgettable Stories

Core 3) Get More Laughs in Your Next Presentation

Core 4) Dramatically Improve Your Delivery
Don't waste your audience's time with a mediocre presentation.
6 Ways Stage Time University is Powerful:
  • Instant Access to All Programs.
  • Learn Directly from World Champion Faculty.
  • Get World-Class Feedback on Your Presentation.
  • We Keep World-Class Learning Affordable & Fun.
  • Live Group Coaching Calls Each Week with Our Faculty.
  • We are a Family. Together, We Help People Help People.
"The feedback I got (on the coaching call) tonight from all of you blew my mind!  I felt like I paid $10,000 for this type of quality coachingI am so blessed and thankful that you have Stage Time University." 
-Kimberly Parker, Cayman Islands
Want to present like a pro? 

Join us and spend time with some of the best pros in the world.

Meet Our Biggest Advantage, the Stage Time University Faculty;

World-Class Coach Jennifer Leone, Hollywood Story Expert Michael Hauge, 
World Champion Darren LaCroix, World Champion Mark Brown, 
Vegas Headliner Kevin Burke, and World-Class Coach Mike Davis
Which programs can you access immediately? ALL OF THEM!
Fast-Start Programs (60 Minutes)
"I Need Fast Help & Quick Answers."
  • Humor 101: Start Getting Laughs Even If You Are Not Funny
  • Coaching 101: Secrets from a World Champion Speaker Coach
  • Your Stage, Your Story: How to Use the Stage with Purpose
  • Connect!: How to Connect with Any Audience
  • "Oh Crap! I Have to Give a Presentation": Create Your Presentation Quickly
  • ​Plus 5 more!
Master Programs (In Depth)
"Deep Dives into a Proven World-Class Process."
  • Create Your Keynote By Next Week: Create a World-Class Presentation
  • Secrets of Storytelling: How to Keep Them on the Edge of Their Seats
  • Get More Laughs by Next Week: Create Your Own Humor Step-by-Step
  • Own the Stage: How to Make an Average Speech Awesome
  • PLUS LIVE Weekly Group Coaching Calls: Ask anything!
  • PLUS Member-to-Member Feedback & Mini-Coaching on Calls
 Get world-class insights & easy to navigate  
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How much are average presentations costing you? Anyone can give presentation, but are you truly being heard? If people are not excited after your talk, you are missing something.
We Help Good Presenters Be UNFORGETTABLE
These programs individually add up to over $2,758
You can get instant access to all of programs & weekly live calls. 

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